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Trucking Related Accidents

If you have been on the highway recently you have seen just how many trucks there are with you. How many of you have experienced the skip of a heartbeat when an eighteen wheeler abruptly enters your lane. Many trucking accidents do not need to happen. Too often the trucking company and driver have overlooked the warning signs of a troubled and dangerous vehicle or driver. The results of trucking accidents are inevitably catastrophic, can cause life long pain discomfort and medical care. It can ruin your and your family’s lives. Trucking companies are savvy litigants and fight all lawsuits vigorously. The trucking companies retain trial attorneys with experience to protect its interest, so should you. Hire an experienced and veteran litigator who knows how to develop the facts of the case and who has worked with trucking safety and reconstruction. Paul and Fritz have both handled large trucking related cases and have proven to be knowledgeable and relentless litigators in this arena. They understand the impact the tragedy can have on a family and the need to obtain answers to the difficult questions.

The trucking industry is regulated in part by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. It deals with a host of safety issues and must be an area your attorney is familiar with. The act requires a variety of record keeping by the trucking company. Knowing what information you need to pursue your legal rights and how to request it is critical in the pre trial discovery phase of litigation. These documents will help to determine what the status of the truck, driver, and company were at the time of the incident. Requesting them correctly and quickly is also a must. Trucking companies are only required to keep certain information for a limited period of time. If you do not pursue your rights quickly you may miss critical data related to a host of issues. Trucking companies often times resist turning over documents related to driver medical histories, and personnel files. Information on other similar incidents can also be an area of contention among the parties. Understanding what you need and having the commitment to fight thorough discovery controversies is what it takes to bring a serious trucking accident to successful resolution. Jekel-Doolittle know how trucking companies litigate and can help you establish the facts of the events.

The tractor itself is also a critical source of information. Retaining an experienced lawyer early can help avoid missing highly relevant and valuable information. Many trucks have data retention devices that will have information on hours of operation, miles driven, average speed, high and low speed, and braking. This information can show a much different story than the company records reflect, but the “black Box” data is time sensitive. If not requested and if the truck remains in operation the data will record over itself and be lost forever. An inspection of the tractor before being put back into service is also important to being able to accurately reconstruct the accident. Litigation experts are seriously hampered without such information.

Paul and Fritz understand that a person who has been involved in a serious trucking accident or a family member taking caring of a trucking accident victim have many issues to deal with, only one that involve examining legal rights you may have. The Jekel-Doolittle Firm is sensitive to these issues but also understand that immediate action. We are here to help through a difficult time and to ensure all the facts are discovered. We want to help. If you or a family member has been a victim of a serious trucking accident, please call for a fee consultation, or submit an electronic inquiry.

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