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  • Catastrophic Personal Injuries
  • Nursing home and Elder abuse- including financial fraud
  • Tractor Trailer accidents
  • Train Collisions and Derailments
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  • Mold Property damage
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Products liability
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Criminal Defense

Personal Injruy

Have you or a loved one been injured on the job, by a defective product or through the negligence of another? Is your situation one where compensation for injuries is an available option? Personal injuries can come in a variety of situations, knowing your rights will help you evaluate potential actions and responses. It is important for the victim and families to have someone on their side who can assist in the evaluation and provide advice on several issues. Jekel-Doolittle, LLC has experience helping victims and families with tragic situations. Fritz and Paul have worked with families on charting their options and providing alternatives. They have helped families facing the death of a loved one after being catastrophically injured. They have worked to assist families with injured children to insure that the child’s financial and medical future are protected. Know your rights and your options. If you feel you have been injured or wronged through the conduct of another, call Jekel-Doolittle for a free case evaluation. Personal injury cases are generaly handled on a true contingency fee basis, the fee is based on a percentage of your recovery. The law firm does not get paid unless you recover money.

What are typical settings of a personal injury? Automobile accidents, sale of a dangerous and defective product, dog bites, medical malpractice, premises liability, and slip and falls are the obvious situations. The list of situations that could result in a personal injury claim are far too numerous to provide a comprehensive list.

Whether to file a lawsuit is not the only question that must be answered when someone has suffered injuries as a result of the conduct of another person or product. That is a central issue, but should not dominate the decision masking process. Questions about when to file the lawsuit and where to file the lawsuit need to also be addressed. Medical issues come into play. Has the treatment progressed enough to a point where one can draw conclusions on the permanent nature of the injuries? Has the victim received the appropriate medical care for the injuries sustained? What are the obstacles or defenses to the litigation? What causes of action should be pursued and is there any potential for the recovery of attorney’s fees or treble/punitive damages? Is there a possibility of working a settlement out without filing a lawsuit? Does my conduct influence my ability to recover? Why has the insurance adjuster contacted me and made an offer? The answers to these and other questions are important for you and your family to make an informed decision on how to proceed and to maximize potential recovery. Get this advice from counsel who have been there and can provide experience based guidance. Paul and Fritz have the back ground and experience to provide knowledgeable advice on all of these issues. They will shoot straight and be honest about your situation. At this time of need who needs a yes man or unrealistic expectations, what you need is the truth.

Remember lawsuits are expensive and time consuming. The average case can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months from filing to resolution. It is important to contact someone quickly to ensure your rights are protected. Slip and falls, automobile accidents, on the job injuries and dog bites are but a few examples of the situations where you may be injured through the negligence and wrongful conduct of another. Call new for a free consultation.

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