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Do you own a home, rent property or work in a building contaminated with mold? Mold growth in buildings can contaminate the property and the air in sufficient amounts to cause physical injuries. Mold has been a known building contaminant and potential health hazard for years, but the issues are complex in a legal setting. The costs to remediate a mold hazard and repair a home can be extensive. Not everything you see on the internet dealing with mold hazards is reliable or admissible in a court of law. If you wish to speak with a lawyer who has actually tried ands settled mold claims contact Jekel-Doolittle today. Fritz personally negotiated one of the largest personal injury mold settlements in the state of South Carolina and has experience a wide range of mold cases.

The largest piece of evidence needed in any mold claim is proof that the building home or office area has abnormal mold growth. Knowing the ins and out of sampling are issues that must be dealt with up front. Who should perform the sampling is also an issue that must be dealt with immediately. What type of sampling should be done and where? Even then admissibility of the sampling will require a lawyer familiar with the attacks the insurance companies and others wage against this evidence. The next analysis is are the levels of mold identified hazardous and are the molds a type that can cause physical injury. Finding mold is not the largest issue one facesin this litigation - it is only the beginning.

Once the mold has been located, identified and sampled, the next inquiry is likely to be - what caused the mold growth? Was the problem one of negligence that occurred during the initial construction of the property, faulty plumbing repairs, or some other water intrusion? Understanding how the cause of the mold may impact insurance related issues is also important to understand up front. The types, extent and cause of the mold may also have a serious impact in how you are to clean up and rid your home or office of this mold. Wiping down mold with a bleach based substance is not always an effective way to eliminate the mold growth and may only act as a temporary and partial solution.

If you believe you have suffered personal injuries or property damage from mold what should you do, who should you seek medical attention from? Also what physical injuries can be linked to mold? Has anyone actually been successful in trying to prove brain damage from mold exposure to mold? Serious questions that anyone should ask before hiring a lawyer to consider a mold claim. Most but not all molds are allergens, not everyone exposed to mold will experience a serious problem. On the other hand, mold can cause very serious lung injuries, understanding the differences are critical. Jekel-Doolittle has experience with some of the leading medical experts in the field of mold injury and will shoot straight with you on the prospect of successful litigation.

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