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Lead poisoning causes brain damage. The effects are far reaching and permanent. It can cause brain damage in both adults and children. The effects of lead poisoning are more damaging for children and the modes of exposure to lead for adults and children are far different. If you or a member of your family have been lead poisoned or have questions about lead poisoning, call Jekel-Doolittle.

Children between the ages of 8 to 48 months are most vulnerable. It is very important if you have a young child in this age range to get a blood lead check during a pediatric check up. Lead poising can cause significant learning disabilities and has been connected with problems in attention and hyperactivity. Lead poisoned children have been linked to higher crime rates as adults. Lead poisoning is a serious lifelong problem.

Lead poisoning is especially prevalent in Historic Charleston due to the large number of old homes. Lead poisoning is not just a problem that affect low income families. Most childhood lead poisoning is caused by deteriorating lead based paint. Old paint that is chipping and peeling is an immediate health hazard for children. Oftentimes old windows casings are covered with layers of lead paint. Over the years opening the windows can cause the paint to chafe creating a fine layer of pure lead dust that is easily picked up through the normal hand to mouth activity that all young children experience. Lead pigment was used as a major component in residential interior and exterior paint up until 1972. The older the paint is the higher the content of lead in the paint. Improperly repairing deteriorating lead based paint or conducting a renovation in an older home can actually increase lead dust contamination.

Children can become exposed to high levels of lead through normal activities, hand to mouth activity, teething, crawling, walking, and playing outdoors. Children can teeth on window sills that could be covered with lead paint. The lead has a sweet taste which can encourage the children to repeat the activity. The levels from this activity can be very high. Children also exhibit behaviors where they are relentlessly putting things in their mouths this could be outside and inside. Lead paint chips again are sweet to the taste and easily accessible to children who are becoming more mobile. Children under the age of 6 years old who have a blood lead level in excess of 10 ug/dl (micrograms per decilitier) are defined by the Center for Disease Control as poisoned. If your child has had am elevated blood lead level contact Jekel-Doolittle too see what rights you may have for compensation.

Adults who work in an environment that used lead may also be overexposed. The manufacture of lead batteries continues and is a source of adult lead poisoning. If you work in an environment where you occupationally exposed to lead your employer is required to test your blood on a regular basis to ensure no over exposure. An adult’s body can handle more lead than a child’s without it creating serious problems. If as an adult you have experience blood lead levels in excess of 50 ug/dl (micrograms per decilitier) you have an elevated lead level and will require monitoring. Adult lead poisoning can cause higher blood pressure whichj could lead to a number of medical issues. Adult lead poisoning is generally handled in a workman’s compensation context. Understanding the need to act quickly to preserve ones rights in a worker compensation situation is very important.

Jekel-Doolittle has extensive experience handling both childhood and adult lead poisoning cases. Fritz has personally handled hundreds of lead poisoning cases throughout the country having obtained favorable results in South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Fritz has tried several lead poisoning cases to verdict and understands the issues most problematic in these cases.

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